Evolving Technology Demands Outstanding Training

Pipefitters, Steamfitters, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service Local 636 Union Pipefitting brings so much to the job in southeast Michigan. Pipefitting is one of the premier construction trades. Through its outstanding training programs, the industry consistently draws the most talented, highly motivated, and ambitious candidates for apprenticeship.

Thanks to the spirit of working together that pervades our industry, these newcomers begin their training programs and schools cosponsored by Pipefitters, Steamfitters, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Local 636 and its affiliate contractor association: The Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA).

Our benefits

  • Every apprentice in the trade is committed to a 5-year program-classroom and on-the-job experience, working side-by-side with a pipefitter journeyman.
  • Apprentices become certified in welding, CFC removal, valve repair, safety and more-all through nationally recognized and accepted certification programs administered by the United Association of Journeyman, Plumbers and Pipefitters.
  • Even after 10,000 hours of training, every journeyman has opportunities to upgrade their skills and master new technologies. Dedicated to providing journeyman with an excellent education and the contractors with a premium work force.
  • Located in Troy, Michigan on a three acre campus, the training center is one of the region's premier educational facilities. It features classrooms and test stations where on-the-job equipment is used to give the apprentices hands-on training.
  • To accomplish this, the training center offers apprentices and journeymen a comprehensive, well-rounded curriculum designed to teach and to provide a learning environment that promotes the continuous upgrading of skills.
  • Under the guidance of an experienced Training Director, a staff of instructors work with apprentices and journeymen who learn to fine tune their skills or take an upgrading course.
  • To stay ahead of the curve, the International Union advises the training center of future trends in the industry so it's ready to provide training for new opportunities.

Local 636 pipefitters and service journeymen stay current with what's happening in the industry and are prepared for changes. The result is a dedicated work force - committed to quality and excellence from apprentices to journeyman to contractors. The Pipefitting Industry Training Center is dedicated to providing journeymen with an excellent education and contractors with a premium work force.

Local 636 professionals are trained in diverse disciplines

Basic Computer & CAD Drawing

Building Automation Systems

Industrial Controls

Mechanical Drawing & Blue Print Reading

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems

Steam & Hydronic Heating Systems

All center graduates are skilled in Welding, Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Process Piping Systems for a broad range of contractor driven applications

ARC, MIG & TIG Welding Certification

Code Issues

Commercial and Residential Mechanical Systems

Direct Digital & Pneumatic HVAC

EPA Refrigerant Recovery

Industrial Process Control Calibration Certification

Orbital Welding & Recycling Certification

Safety Training

Temperature Control

UA STAR Certification in HVACR and Pipefitting Mastery

Valve & Safety Valve Repair Certifications

All UA weld certification tests are conducted under the auspices of the United Association, with third party participation to avoid conflict of interest.Local 636 and its signatory contractors along with the owners of projects have taken the lead in creating harmonious labor/management relationships. It is this spirit of working hard and working together that will bring us into the 21st century and beyond. That is important, because with thousands of new construction jobs on the horizon, it is critical for the nation to be prepared with skilled people to make those projects a reality.

Since their beginnings over a hundred years ago, the United Association and its Local union Affiliates have been dedicated to meeting these challenges. Today, as a leader in the labor movement, Pipefitters Local 636 stands ready to meet the challenges provided by union employing contractors with excellent apprentice and journeyman upgrading programs.